What is The Memory Tree?

Elizabeth Fine at The Memory Tree

Elizabeth Fine at The Memory Tree

The Memory Tree is New York City’s first program devoted to people with mild memory loss, and their family and caregivers.

We are driven by two guiding principles:

  • Memory loss affects everyone in a family, not just the person who is having trouble remembering. That is why we developed this program, creating a unique place for both caregivers as well as people with memory loss.
  • The best way to fight the aging process – including the loss of memory – is through mental and physical fitness. We provide¬†classes¬†designed to keep the body and brain challenged.

The Memory Tree is a project of the Early Alzheimer’s Foundation Inc., a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) foundation.

The Officers and Directors of the Early Alzheimer’s Foundation Inc. are:

  • President and Founder: Elizabeth Fine, LCSW (pictured above)
  • Treasurer: Karen Sharf, PhD., LCSW, CAS
  • Secretary: Jonathan Wilcove, PhD.
  • Director: Susan Penry-Williams, J.D.
  • Director: Susan L. West
  • Director: Hillel Grossman, MD

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