The Memory Tree is New York City's first program devoted to people with mild memory loss, and their family and caregivers.

We are driven by two guiding principles:

  • Memory loss affects everyone in a family, not just the person who is having trouble remembering. That is why we developed this program, creating a unique place for both caregivers as well as people with memory loss.
  • The best way to fight the aging process - including the loss of memory - is through mental and physical fitness. We provide classes designed to keep the body and brain challenged.

The Memory Tree is a project of the Early Alzheimer's Foundation Inc., a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) foundation.

The Officers and Directors of the Early Alzheimer's Foundation Inc. are:

  • President and Founder: Elizabeth Fine, LCSW (pictured below)

  • Treasurer: Karen Sharf, PhD., LCSW, CAS

  • Secretary: Jonathan Wilcove, PhD.

  • Director: Susan Penry-Williams, J.D.

  • Director: Susan L. West

  • Director: Hillel Grossman, MD